OCA Photography Two: Documentary barry511915 Assignment Five Personal Project

Abandoned, In the time I had and the difficulty in finding and obtaining information about the people and their relatives was very difficult so I have decided to move on to a different subject. See Assignment five A.  

For this assignment, I have decided to do a project of the people of Stalybridge, but only those that have relatives that worked in the cotton mills of the nineteenth and twentieth century a sort of a nod to the relatives of the people that still live in the town, I wanted to concentrate on people that lived up Castle Hall as this was one of the first areas that had mill workers homes

I have had to approach people in the street and ask the question about there past relatives and if they worked in the cotton mills and lived in the up  Castle Hall as we say around here.

Below, John Schofield. He and some of his family worked at Copley Mill a weaving mill in Stalybridge.

Mr Cooper, An engineer. His mother worked as a weaver.

Celestino Senior, His Grandmother was brought up in Castle hall, worked at Bottomly cotton mill, and his Grate Grandmother worked as a weaver and ran several looms at once.

Maria from the flower shop, she wasn’t sure where but she says several of her family worked in the cotton mills in Stalybridge.


The plaque below in on the wall of what used to be a pub famous for its name in the area of Castle Hall



I found my choice for this assignment difficult to get to grips with it was difficult to get enough information from the people in the street, and although very nice they found it difficult talking to a stranger about there past relatives.  I also found it difficult to find the right way to ask the questions I needed to get the information I wanted for this assignment, I had to first convince them to let me take their picture to ask questions and at the same time try and write down there answers, by this time they just wanted to leave and get on with whatever.

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