OCA Photography Two: Documentary barry511915. Assi five : Exercise five: Kingsmead eyes project.

The school project was interesting, not only did it shows some forward-thinking for the future of photography, in one of the voice-overs the child even aspires to become a photographer. Some of the images were really interesting its nice to see the schools showing interest in photography at an early age. I wasn’t a fan of the drumming and the video flashing the faces past at speed, I think it was a little aggressive for want of a better word, something more gentle I think would have been better. The voices overs of the children worked well and gave the individual set of images a personal presence relating the images to the personality and life of the photographer. The images were of a good standard and very honest. I am not surer why the children were mostly of a foreign background I suppose this was due to the demographics of the school. The project was a good idea that got children engaged at a fairly early age.


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