OCA Photography Two: Documentary barry511915. Assi five : Exercise Two. ‘The Judgement Seat of Photography’

Trying to read this article proved to obscure and the constant referral to this reason and that reason that photographer this photographer was probably ok at the time for the writer as he would have researched them but now is no use at all unless you are making a study of the article and or the photographers in question. It was far to difficult to read for the simple reason that it was written for the academics of the day, the people that could relate to what was being said. I have had three attempts at reading this on two occasions I fell asleep and after trying for the third time I have given up and am writing the reasons why now, I can not relate to what they are saying and don’t understand the reason why I need to try, Trying to relate to something that was written as an exercise in a study of long ago has been a waste of my time.


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