OCA Photography Two: Documentary barry511915: Assi Two, Exercise Four.

Read the introduction and first section (pp. 105-10) of the article ” Discussing Documentary” by Maartje Van Heuvel (Documentary Now 2005)

Write a short summary in your Learning Log.


Maartje Van Heuve, ” what is surprising in this exchange of views is that the appearance of documentary images in art context is seen as an isolated phenomenon.”

Using your work in art galleries as a way of informing change. The photographer no longer has to sell his work to newspapers magazines and the like. He now has an old Allie that is art if he can get his work recognised has art the subject in the image will become of interest to the people and in turn influence change. If that is indeed what the photographer was aiming for obviously this is no easy task but the more popular you become as a photographer, the more you can say. Even if you are not a famous photographer, you can still show your work in the smaller Galleries your work will be seen by some.  It is now 2017 and documentary as art is no longer new. Some of  Martin par’s work as long been considered art even cartoon-like as it pokes fun at the british people idiosyncracies. His work is documentary as it reflects a real time in the history of Britain, but the way it is done is the art, lovingly making fun of the people in the shots.

Below research, See research page.

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