OCA Photography Two: Documentary barry511915: Assi Two, Exercise Two.

In the days of Brandt, there was only Black and white photography that was feasible, the work that he did on his Book was at first not very well received in a sense the publishers weren’t interested. He did, however, find one Publisher that was and his book The English At Home got printed and sold for five shillings. Since 1936 when the book was first published has now become what of a collector’s item. Black and white photography and today remain a powerful force in photography, In Art and in Documentary the reason is hard to pinpoint exactly, but it could be because we have been brought up on black and white news reports. Chris steel Perkins artical in the Foto8 Magazine

OCA core resources Foto8#5.1_SurvivalProgrammers.pdf (accessed 10/10/17)

He says he did a degree in psychology, but after going on to be a freelance Photographer perhaps with his Knowledge in psychology he could tell us why Black and White Photography is so respected. It has to be psychological. The B/W is direct, and to the point, the clutter as been removed and by removing the colour this also eliminates the humour from the picture so is deemed as a serious Image provoking serious thought about the subject matter. A black and white picture concentrates the mind and creates impact. That is why we love B/W Imagery. And why It is so resected it also has the vintage appeal hankering back to the good old days.