Exercise Four Assignment Three

Paul Close Exhibition

(http://www.insight-visual.com/paul-exhibition.html accessed 23/02/18)

Look at Paul Colse’s environmental portraits. Analise his visual style and consider whether the images work as documentary photographs, if so why. Close’s has presented the individuals in such a way that you can’t help be interested in the images first of all and then the storey behind it. The portraits work as environmental portraits because they haven’t removed the subject from the environment they live and work in. He has separated the individuals from the masses and presented them as individual people in a sense saying that each person should have their own voice, rather than showing a large group of people that possibly look vulnerable or suppressed in some way. Close as singled each of them out, but a the same time he has kept them in there own environment so they can say look at me   I am an individual and I live and work here giving them power.  Close as given the subjects an individuality by using the white background as a contrast with there environment.

I did a similar thing for assignment four.