Exercise One Assignment Three


The media manipulate our view of the world and the way we see other people and countries that perhaps from no fault of there own are in the mids of a humanitarian crisis or just in a part of the developing world.  The media will send photographers over to these Country’s and ask them to report the plight of the people and the situation they find themselves in. But the photographers and the journalist will have a preconceived idea of what we the viewer want to see and in the case of charities what we want to happen. It is a very difficult subject to discuss on the one hand we have the media that want to tell the story of the people of the country in a powerful and interesting way. This leads to stereotyping the people and perhaps not showing them and the country in the in a way that is correct and give a true representation.

“Paul Seawright’s work as a different approach to what we would call the norm when photographing Africa, the starving children the orphanages run by nuns and warring tribes are gone.


Now we have people that have moved from the countryside into the city’s looking for a better way of life, but the influx of people is on a vast scale, so vast shantytowns have built upon the outskirts of the city’s that threaten the political stability the ruling body’s

The infrastructure of the cities is struggling to cope. The picture above shows a man in a shop that looks like a print shop.

My interpretation of what is going on in the shot is this, he is having a rest in the midday heat he can’t afford to go home and rest because he could miss a customer. There is no evidence it would be better at home, so he waits for that customer that are few and far between, he is struggling in his business

I say this because the paint is peeling on the walls he buys the paper to print on in small batches. The lethargic presentation of the shop shows that he has little interest. The small amount of money he makes from the shop is bearly enough to feed him let alone his family.

Paul Seawright’s work is showing a city struggling to come to terms with the influx of people. I think the Shot above is a representation of the African cities as a whole it is how I imagined it to be before I viewed the shots. People living on the edge using their wits to survive. There must be the other side of the coin to this work the rich or people that have a lot more than the rest.


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