Exercise Three Assignment Three

Brief Read the first chapter of TouristGaze. pdf Write a reflective commentary about it’s relevance to documentary photography, about 200 words.

I was a little perplexed as to why we needed to waste time on this exercise as I cant see the relevance unless we think about the imagination being part of the relevance to documentary photography. We use our imagination to construct narratives in our mind when viewing images. The images bring back memories from our past and create new ideas for the future. Mentioned in the article when viewing Rambrant in an art gallery the name as has much to do with the appreciation of the work as the painting it’s self. Just the mention of the name congers up all sort’s of thoughts and images in the mind.   So if we use this idea that pleasure comes from the daydreaming and imagination then, Documentary Photography as a big part to play in fuelling that imagination and conveying knowledge.

So the gaze has much to do with longing for what we see as it does for obtaining information, and when we obtain the object of our longing it inevitably disappoints use because it can’t compete with our imagination. We move on to the next thing of our desires. It is the gaze and the imagination and desire for more that will keep Documentary photography at the cutting edge. So the relevance of this article to documentary photography is in the gaze and the imagination and the desire for what is being presented whether that is something we want or knowledge we are receiving.