OCA Photography Two: Documentary barry511915. Assi four : Exercise Five.

I must admit I haven’t paid much attention to the images shown on tv with regard to war I hadn’t realised that there were such restrictions put on the war photographers under the guise of keeping them safe but the restrictions put on them and what was allowed to be printed I find pretty alarming. I have always thought that the Iraqi war was an unjust war and there was a better way to deal with President  Hassan. I have remained ignorant to the steps the US and probably the UK have gone to pervert the story of war by restricting the freedom of the photojournalism. At the time of the Iraqi war, Guantanamo Bay as far as I could tell was a Detention camp for the suspected terrorist, that is ok in wartime but is it ok to torture someone that could know nothing. At this time we became no better than the terrorist themselves along with the detention of children to blackmail to try to extort information. Hitler would have been prowed. We now rely on the amateur journalist to tell the storeys that were once the job of the professional and the decisions of the photo editors. Don McCullin was prevented from going to the Falklands by Mrs Thatcher under the guise that was no room on the ship, this is in its self a sensor ship and an infringement of the freedom of the press. We as a nation that now prides itself on having learned the mistakes of our past, It is hoped that we as a country will act with integrity at all times but when you restricted individual freedoms the country as a whole is worse off this includes the press photographers this, in turn, prevents people from making an informed choice.