OCA Photography Two: Documentary barry511915. Assi five : Exercise Three. Jim Goldberg Talke about is commissioned exhibition for the 2004 Olympic’s In Greece.

This exercise was to listen to Jim Goldberg Talke about is commissioned exhibition for the 2004 Olympic’s In Greece. He was commissioned to take Images of the economic migrants living to Greece illegally.

I am not sure if it works as a documentary exhibition in the Art Gallery. For me the message is confused, and I am not sure what he is saying with the mix of Images, I think he is trying to tell more than one story with the selection of images he has chosen and this for me at least has confused the story, is it about the immigrants that have gone to Greece? Is it about the reasons they have had to migrate in the first place? Also, does the story need to be told in an art gallery? It is part of the story of Greece and was commissioned as part of the celebrations for the 2004 Olympics could a more appropriate place for the exhibition be the stadium. The story is a documentary story a record of the time. I am not sure about the choice of images unless I have made an error I can’t see where the Image of the boy in the polluted river come into the story as the river is in Ukraine. One or two of the other pictures seem out of place. He talks about an underground economy but doesn’t clarify where it is, is it in Greece or in the country they are coming from? The Images would imply that it is a poor underground economy in the country they come from and that is the reason they are coming, to escape the poverty.

I think the work was commissioned to show Greece in a good light as a Country that will help people and give them refuge where ever they come from showing Greece as a caring Country a Country that at least tries to help if possible.