OCA Photography Two: Documentary barry511915. Assi one Exercise Four. Five Photograph

Make a selection of up to ve photographs from your personal or family collection. They can be as recent or as old as you wish. The only requirement is that they depict events that are relevant to you on a personal level and couldn’t belong to anyone else (i.e. no photographs of the Eiffel Tower).
Using OCA forums such as OCA/student and OCA Flickr group, ask the learning communities to provide short captions or explanations for your photographs.
Summarise your findings and make them public in the same forums that you used for your research. Make sure that you also add this to your learning log.

“I have uploaded these pictures to the student forum, its the first time I have used it, so I am not sure If I have done it right. I will wait to see if I get any response and if so then write my findings.”


Replies to my request for captions below.

Andrew513879 Fitz
September 19

Dancing for tomorrow
I’m the girl
Yesterday’s dreams
Young at heart

September 19
  1. Let’s do the twist
  2. Cat woman is on the prowl.
  3. Bygone days in the fields
  4. Introducing the newest member of the family
  5. After all those years – how sweet.
September 20
  1. Please let me join in.
  2. I’m a cat really.
  3. Did you bring the picnic?
  4. I hope he is not sick again.
  5. Love, what can you say.