OCA Photography Two: Documentary barry511915 Assi one Exercise one. Listen to Miranda Gavin

Exercise One

Critical review

Miranda Gavin talking about documentary photography at


Gavin, starting off by asking the question. Do we need more or different words to describe Documentary photography, ” Photojournalism, Documentary, Reportage, are these still relevant”?

Don McCullin, is known as a Documentary war photographer, but he sells and shows his photography in art galleries his work is the art used in documentary format and vice versa.

The availability of photography and easy access to the masses to be able to express themselves in or with photography on social media and other formats doesn’t change what Documentary photography is. It’s the platform and how well it is presented that makes the difference,  a boring story told on an inferior platform will not be seen by many. On the other hand, the same person could show his/her work in a gallery and be given credit for his/her artistic vision.

Photography morphs depending on the platform being used. The growing amount of woman now coming into photography will change the topics, but it can’t change what Documentary photography is, there are a lot of front line soldiers that are now women, but war is still war. The colour pallet of a picture as nothing to do with what documentary photography is, colour is a detail that could be negotiated if it is a feature that will impact the story for some reason, i.e. colour picture or black and white.


The video clip seemed to be put together in a slipshod way, the editing of the clip didn’t do any favours for Gavin and I think made her look or sound as if she didn’t know what to say,  Also it seemed to be out of context with the Title of the clip.