OCA Photography Two: Documentary barry511915. Assi One Exercise Seven.

Exercise Seven, Assignment one

Read Simon Bainbridge’s article on the Hereford Photography festival. Write 200-word reflective commentary your learning log.


Vanessa is asking for a direct gaze and added to the fact there is only one image to view in this article of a young girl taken in the style of Lewis Hind born 1874. The Show wanted to reveal the photographer’s intentions, and ideas are for the most part coming from the minds of the photographers not from the moment of capture as in the decisive moment as termed by Henri Cartier Bresson. Is there a decisive moment in the Image of Georgia, I think there is just as in most other images with people. Vanessa observed and captures the moment and edits out the images that were not the decisive moment she was looking for from the pre-determined brief?

Donald Weber spent years in the interview room with what looks like children being interviewed for petty crime waiting for the decisive moment of the facial expression at the point of confession. What was he trying to say was he trying to help the individuals by saying this has to change the practice of interrogation must stop. Or was he exploiting the young people in the images for his own personal gain, as he did this project over a period of years, from the information in this article and not knowing the full story I can’t say for sure but my first thought was Exploitation?

Listen to Jon Levy’s comments in your learning log. Note done your comments in your log.

Jon’s comments give some relive as some of his comments are very like some of the comments I have written in one or two of previous exercises. He made the point that about different genre and the ambiguity between journalism and art, doing the story and what they want to achieve with it. I think what he is saying is it’s up to the artist what genre You categorise your work, it can start out as journalism, i.e. telling a story and then change into art, as Jon says it a point of view.