Study and research assignment Four

Kevin Charter, Photographer

In my research relating to ethics, I found plenty of images that would have been hard for me to take one of the images was of a child lying in the dirt with vultures looking on in anticipation. My first reaction to this Image was of horror, first at the Image and then at the thought of the photographer taking the picture of a child in distress. My reaction was probably the same as the viewing public, but it seems that my reaction to this Image was unfounded, as he was surrounded by armed guards and would have been unable to help even if he wanted to. it is believed that the little girl was with family and reached the aid truck. Kevin Charter. received the  Pulitzer Prize for this photo, but unbeknown to his pears he was suffering from the guilt and anxiety from years of witnessing suffering and conflict spiralling into depression resulting in his suicide in July 1994 Kevin Carter, helped to bring the suffering and turmoil to the attention of the world of the Sudanese famine, and many more instances of suffering and conflict, and in the end paid with his life.

Narciso Contreras

The guardian newspaper terminated, Contreras contract for cloning out the video camera in the bottom left-hand corner of the Image, I can see both points of view but has the photographer owned up to his mistake and no real harm was done, and if you include the fact that cropping is accepted, I think in this case he was badly treated, losing his contract was over the top, his sacking was probably more to do with publicity than anything else.

Peter Dench

In my, opinion a lot of Dench’s work seems to be in the style of Martin Parr but without the passage of time adding nostalgia to the viewing experience and the comical edge of Parrs work. Up to now, I am not a fan of Dench’s work, it seems a negative why of deciding on a subject to choose to shoot I.E the perceived bad behaviours of Brits abroad, The Images are missing something they seem to look down on the people in the Images as opposed to joining in the fun. Alcohol & England seems to be along the same lines as Brits abroad, Britain on the verge, is in the same style but seems very mundane.

Anders Petersen

I have only viewed his work on the internet but I can see his appeal. his work seems on the dark side, and I don’t mean because it is in black and white, the fact that it is BW makes it look more sinister, without the inclusion of colour the Images flow from one decade to the next as if everything has stayed the same. Petersen is running a workshop NAPLES – Italy • APRIL 15-21, 2020 his friend mentioned that Naples has not changed or very little in the last twenty years. Naples would be a wonderland for a Photographer but I am not sure how safe it would be wandering around the backstreets with a view grang of camera gear on your own. Petersen seems to take very personal shots, close to intimate moments a lot of kissing and images of people, portraits of people doing everyday things drinking coffee, leaning against a tree. As I write this I realise I seem to be putting a very simplified view on his work, even though he is probably one of the most respected Photographers of the twenty and twenty-first century, having been awarded countless awards and honours over the years.